December 2014 : Flood Defence & Prevention Expo in London

(ES)² is attending Flood Defence & Prevention Expo in London, the must-attend event for flood prevention professionals.

November 2014 : Flood response plans for a french bank

More than a year since the beginning of his assignment, (ES)² continues to work for the HQ of a major French bank, in order to design its flood response plans , and more particularly to take into account underground flooding and sewage network overloading.

October 2014 : Benchmarking study on the latest row water monitoring stations

For one of the largest drinking water service in Europe, (ES)² is conducting a benchmarking study on the latest row water monitoring stations.

September 2014 : SCADA vulnerability assessment

(ES)² performs a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) vulnerability assessment for a large water and power supply company in Morocco.

July 2014 : Defining new service offers for emergency response situations

(ES)² is mandated by a French water company in order to design and market new added value services for emergency situations (emergency water supply, flood response, water resources’ pollution,…).

June 2014 : Major crisis response training exercise

(ES)² operates in Morocco to set up a major crisis training exercise based on a power supply break down impacting several major industrial customers. About hundred people were involved in this exercise, either in the company’s crisis management cell and on the ground.

May 2014 : Development of business continuity policy

(ES)² works in France to support a water operator in developing the value of its knowledge for business continuity and crisis management in the frame of a tender for water public service delegation in the Paris area.

April 2014 : Good practices assessment in Romania

(ES)² is in Romania to assess best practices of an international water operator, which has been developing an efficient knowledge in crisis management, especially for emergency response in case of earthquake.

April 2014 : Ground water issues

(ES)² and experts from SAFEGE engineering company deliver a joint speech on ground water flooding and urban resilience during the first seminar dedicated to centenary floods in the Paris area, set up by the French High Committee for Civil Defence.

March 2014 : Mentoring operational recommendations in the USA

Following a post disaster assessment conducted in April 2013, after Superstorm Sandy, (ES)² is back to the US to mentor and work on two of its past operational recommendations on behalf of a national water and wastewater treatment operator. A water plant on the East Coast and a waste water treatment plant on the West Coast are assessed in terms of vulnerability and resiliency.

February 2014 : Crisis management handbook

(ES)² is still operating for an international specialist in catering and remote site management to design and release its internal crisis management handbook.

January 2014 : Assessment of business continuity plans and emergency response procedures for a hydropower company

(ES)² works for a major European energy company to assess its business continuity plans’ efficiency in case of pollution of surface water and of major flooding.

December 2013 : Business continuity in water supply for a major French airport

(ES)² teams are mandated to assess physical vulnerabilities of the water supply systems delivering process and potable water to a major French airport.

November 2013 : Building resiliency major French bank’s head office

In partnership with SAFEGE engineers, (ES)² works for the HQ of a major French bank, in order to study and assess consequences of flood risks (surface flooding, underground flooding, sewage network overloading) and to design emergency response plans.

October 2013 : Crisis management training sessions

(ES)² delivers several presentations on crisis management for water and waste water systems during the regional and national sessions of the French High Committee for Civil Defence. (ES)²’s GM also conducts a “crisis management” seminar in the English session of the Master “Water for all” of Agro Paris Tech engineering school in Montpellier.

September 2013: Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plan in Oman

(ES)² is mandated by the operator providing process and drinkable water, waste water services for a major seaport and industrial area located in the Sultanate of Oman, in order to review its crisis management and business continuity processes.

July 2013: Crisis process and emergency plans review

(ES)² is committed for a major utilities in order to review and enhance crisis management process and emergency response plans.

June 2013 : population warning and alert tools

(ES)² works for the regional office of a major water company in order to improve its population warning systems relying on 2.0 communication tools.

May 2013: Crisis preparation in Senegal

(ES)² prepares crisis plans for a major European mining group operating in Senegal.

April 2013: Post disaster assessment in the United States of America

(ES)² is mandated by a major water and waste water treatment operator in order to assess the way it managed Sandy storm consequences that hit USA East Coast on October 2012.

March 2013: Crisis management in a mining and oil sector

(ES)² designs crisis management and operational risk control procedures for a catering company active in sensitive areas for mining and oil customers.

February 2013: Water administration of the Kingdom of Morocco

(ES)² shows to water administrations of the Kingdom of Morocco, work completed for emergency situations preparedness for a private Moroccan Water Company, aiming to organize a training program for major risks management dedicated to critical infrastructures operators in the Kingdom.

January 2013: International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi

(ES)² attends the International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi in order to meet water and waste water treatment companies acting in Gulf area.

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