July 2019 : Preliminary Security Diagnosis (PSD)

(ES)2 carried out security checks on critical areas of a water supply of the Deux-Sevres department and was called out on emergency for the securing of a reservoir, a regular target of incivilities in the north of France.

June 2019 : Security blueprint for water supply

Following around 60 technical site audits, (ES)2 laid out initial ideas for the main infrastructure security plan that contributes to the supply of drinking water in a large French city.

May 2019 : Crisis Management Exercise (pollution in the distribution network)

Pre-Crisis Operational Diagnosis (PCOD) involved preparation and organization of a crisis management exercise with the theme of pollution in the distribution network in the region of the fifth most important metropolitan area of France. A new feature was working with teams from the region as well as from a private operator.

April 2019 : Review of the emergency procedures for upcoming G7

(ES)2 reviewed the emergency procedures for water supply and sanitation, which were re-enforced. It prepared a Crisis Management Exercise involving representatives from the regional and metropolitan authorities and the private operator in light of the upcoming G7 summit which was happening in August on the Basque coast.

March 2019 : Crisis Management Exercise (damage on the supply of a WWTP and problem with H2S gas in pumping station)

For the private operator of a large community in the west of France, (ES)2 prepared and coordinated a Crisis Management Exercise directed at a major burst of a supply pipe at the entrance of a large wastewater treatment plant. Next, the drill examined a problem linked with H2S gas detected in a pumping station, which required the assistance of the local fire brigade. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSodIu1GOjk.

February 2019 : Redesign of an Emergency Action Plan

(ES)2 was chosen to redesign the Emergency Action Plan of two towns in the Paris region, following the classification of a row water storage site as a Category C dam.

January 2019 : Preliminary Security Diagnosis

(ES)2 carried out a security diagnosis of a water supply system in a highly touristic area of Normandy.

December 2018 : Crisis Management Exercise (failure of strategic boreholes)

(ES)2 prepared and organized a Crisis Management Exercise dealing with the inability to use water supply from boreholes representing 85% of the water distributed in a conurbation of the Hauts-de-France department.

November 2018 : Participation in seminar on polluted resources and Crisis Management Exercise (technical incident)

(ES)2 spoke at a seminar on accidental pollution of surface water, organized by the International Office for Water and the CEDRE. The talk focused on ‘Crisis management when a pollution takes place in zone of sensitive area where are salt workers, oyster farmers, …’.

(ES)2 prepared and coordinated a Crisis Management Exercise on a wastewater treatment plant in the Mans metropolitan area with a power cut scenario.

October 2018 : Draft of Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Crisis Management Exercise (fire in an electrical cabinet)

(ES)2 reviewed and began the drafting of the ERP for two drinking water sites, classed as Points of Vital Importance (PIV), in accordance with the decree of July 2018.

(ES)2 prepared and coordinated a Crisis Management Exercise on an important water treatment plant in the Rennes metropolitan area with the scenario of a fire breaking out in an electrical cabinet.

September 2018 : Security management plan

(ES)2 began a study of the safety measures in place for critical sites (pumping stations, treatment stations, dams, etc.) of a regional hydraulic network in the south of France.

July 2018 : Major crisis simulation in an interconnected area and study of the vulnerability of water production and supply systems

In partnership with the consulting firms Prolog and ATOS, (ES)2 began a study examining the impact of major crisis simulations for the water supply systems of the interconnected area of Paris, Ile-de-France, on behalf of a public order group comprising the four largest water companies of the Paris region.

June 2018 : Internal Emergency Response Plans of water supply companies

In partnership with the engineering firm Hydratec, (ES)2 completed an internal Emergency Response Plan for each of the 12 producers and suppliers of drinking water in the department of Deux-Sèvres.

May 2018 : Call out in New Caledonia for Points of Vital Importance (PVI)

(ES)2 was called out to New Caledonia to improve the resiliency of drinking water facilities classed as PVI (Point of Vital Importance).

April 2018 : Ultimate Emergency Water Distribution Plan and Revision of Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

(ES)2 began the drafting of an ultimate emergency water distribution plan for an important city of the north of France, dealing with in particular a deteriorated water supply at a regional hospital.

(ES)2 revised and completed an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for drinking water reservoirs classified as PVI (Point of Vital Importance) in Hauts-de-France.

March 2018 : Preliminary Security Diagnosis of water supply systems

(ES)2 was called out on behalf of an operator in charge of water services in the south of the Paris region to improve the security of its critical sites.

February 2018 : Support for an Operator of Vital Importance (OVI)

(ES)2 began a support programme, including training and drafting services, for a public water company in Britany, which has been designated as an Operator of Vital Importance (OVI) by state authorities.

(ES)2 offered their initial recommendations, with members of the public order group Naldeo-FPC Ingénierie, about a study aimed at improving the management of incoming and outgoing flows of an incinerator of a large syndicate specialised in the treatment and processing of household and similar waste.

January 2018 : Pre-Crisis Operational Diagnosis (PCOD) of water supply and sanitation

(ES)2 began a study on behalf of two operators in charge of water supply and sanitation for large regional authorities in the south-west of France, with a view to establishing a supply crisis management plan and a continuity plan.

(ES)2 prepared a first expert appraisal on the preparation strategy for water supply and sanitation services of a Paris region department in response to a major flood.

December 2017 : Crisis Management Exercise (scenario of major damage to a feeder and power cut)

(ES)2 prepared and coordinated two crisis management exercises : the first for drinking water in Mayenne and the second on a sanitation network in Loire-Atlantique.

(ES)2 began an ongoing assessment of the risks at an important WWTP in the west of France.

November 2017 : Crisis Management Exercise (Ultimate Emergency Water Distribution Plan)

(ES)2 prepared and coordinated a Crisis Management Exercise with a scenario of a breach in the water supply in a seaside resort in Loire-Atlantique with the deployment of an Ultimate Emergency Distribution Strategy for a healthcare facility.

(ES)2 consultants delivered their conclusion for a tender document on the notions of crisis management and continuity plans in the water supply network of a large African city.

October 2017 : Intervention in urban transportation

(ES)2 began a support programme of a company in charge of urban transport for a large regional authority in the west of France. It examined aspects of security, continuity planning and emergency response.

September 2017 : Submission of technical brief

(ES)2 consultants delivered their conclusions and proposals on aspects of crisis management and business continuity planning in a technical brief tender designed for the client to win the management of the rapid transportation network from Charles de Gaulle airport to the center of Paris.

July 2017 : Trip to Singapore and technical study on the network transporting sewage and storm water for the Paris area

(ES)² is in Singapore for the Interpol World Expo to talk about the protection of water supply systems. Just before departure, (ES)² was submitting a strategic report on emergency preparedness and crisis response for the network collecting and transporting waste and storm water for the Paris area.

June 2017 : Crisis management drill (chemical pollution)

(ES)² prepares and manages a crisis management drill for a large waste water treatment plant located in the North of France which is based on a chemical pollution’s scenario entering the plant.

May 2017 : Protection of industrial IT systems

(ES)² and its IT partner Axis & Co are chosen to review the way a utility company in charge of the water systems for the Paris area is implementing the Loi de Programmation Militaire, which regulates in France the protection of industrial IT systems for critical infrastructures.

April 2017 : Security audits on a large number of water supply systems

(ES)² is mandated by a utility company in charge of the water supply systems in the Southern suburb of Paris to perform security audits and to advise on the necessary corrective measures. This concerns wells, pumping stations, water tanks and water production units.

March 2017 : Security audit of a waste treatment plant

(ES)² is mantated to audit and advise on how to upgrade the physical security of a large waste water treatment plant located in the North of Paris.

February 2017 : Strategic advice for a major utility company in a bidding process

(ES)² works on the utility company’s technical offer for the water supply systems of a major city located in the West of France. The issues tackled are emergency preparedness and crisis response.

January 2017: Technical offer on business continuity

Following a crisis management drill organized in 2016 on a large waste water treatment plant, (ES)² is writing a technical report on how to improve the plant’s business continuity and crisis response procedures.

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