December 2016

(ES)² is working with a large water company in a bidding process in order to renew its PPP contract for the water and sanitation services of a large French city. Its inputs are on business continuity, crisis response and the protection of critical infrastructures.

(ES)² is performing a market research study on emergency preparedness and crisis response for a large German water company.

November 2016

(ES)² is working for a public drinking water service in the Paris area to secure a main water treatment station and other upstream critical assets : one pumping station, wells, large row water reservoirs,...

October 2016 : Conferences on the security of water infrastructures

(ES)² is mandated by a utility company in charge of the drinking water networks of the 5th French largest city to organize a learning session about malicious acts targeting hydrants and street polling effects during heat periods. This seminar takes place after a first one which was asked by the public water service in charge of the greater metropolitan Paris area.

(ES)² was also requested to organize two workshops on the security of water supply systems during the Nîmes global security forum.

September 2016 : Security audit

(ES)² is working for a large city in the South-West of France to better secure its water supply systems due to the terrorist threat.

August 2016 : RETEX on flood response

(ES)² is working for a water and sanitation company to learn operational lessons from the last floods which stoke the Paris area end of May/beginning of June 2016.

July 2016 : Security of critical infrastructures

(ES)² is working on a large-scale project to reinforce the security of critical sites (main pipes, dams, water systems, water treatment stations,….) for a utility company mainly in charge of row water transportation in the South of France.

Juin 2016 : EURO 2016 emergency preparedness

(ES)² is working for the utilities in charge of the water supply for three large French cities which host the EURO 2016 football championship. Emergency preparedness and crisis response plans are reviewed as regards water production and distribution.

May 2016 : Lessons learnt in past crises

(ES)² begins working for a large water company on the lessons learnt from past crises faced in waste water collection and treatment. Those crisis include accidents involving toxic chlorine gas, failure of control and command systems, as well as pollution of rivers.

In order to respond to the exceptional flooding faced by the Paris area, (ES)² consultants also help the clients’ of the company to deploy appropriate measures of mitigation.

April 2016 : Review of water contamination emergencies

(ES)² is mantated by a large utility to work on the emergency response procedures in case of any accidental or non conventional pollution of the water networks.

March 2016 : Security policy for the protection of critical infrastructures (Morocco)

(ES)² submits its analysis and recommendation which aim at improving the governance and the management of security at large critical sites under the control of a water and power supply company.

February 2016 : Crisis management drill (sewage treatment)

After an initial evaluation of the emergency preparedness and crisis response procedures existing, the consultants of (ES)² prepare and manage a large-scale crisis management drill on a waste water treatment plant based on a scenario of chemical pollution following a malicious act.

January 2016 : Security audit

Due security concerns in France, (ES)² is mandated to perform a vulnerability assessment on a large water treatment plant in the Paris area and provides its recommendation on how to better manage sub-contractors from a security point of view.

December 2015 : Conceptual design for a crisis management room

(ES)² works for a large public water company to advise its staff and design a new crisis management room with the latest technogies and equipment.

November 2015 : Technical assistance in Kuwait

(ES)² is helping a water company which has signed an Operation & Maintenance contract with the Ministry for Water and Electricity of the State of Kuwait in order to improve its emergency preparedness plans on a large desalination plant.

October 2015 : Crisis management drill (network pollution)

(ES)² is invited by its client, one of the largest public water company in Europe, to observe a crisis management drill, involving security services, water and pollution experts, and based on a malicuous act causing a lethal pollution of the water supply network.

September 2015 : Crisis management drill (resource pollution)

(ES)² began a pre-crisis diagnosis on emergency preparedness and crisis response on behalf of a large water company which has been delegated the responsability of water production and distribution by a large city located in the West of France. The final objective of this study is to organize in December a crisis management drill based on a scenario of massive pollution of water resources which are however key for the supply of 80 000 inhabitants.

August 2015 : Vulnerability study on a large waste water treatment plant

Following several malicious acts which targeted industrial sites in France, (ES)² has been asked to perform a security audit on one of the largest waste water treatment plant in Europe, also considered as a critical chemical Seveso site.

July 2015 : Resiliency study on a US waste water treatment station

Following Superstorm Sandy, (ES)² works on Long Island on the East coast of the US to upgrade the resiliency measures taken to better secure a sanitation station which has been completely overflowded in October 2012.

June 2015 : Technical assistance in Myanmar

In partnership with a large engineering firm, (ES)² performs a risk management and resiliency study on the water supply systems of Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar, in case of any major flooding or power black out. A specific focus is carried out on emergency water supply in case of any earthquake, Mandalay being located in a very seismic region.

May 2015 : Crisis management drill (critical pipe burst)

For one of its client which manages the production and distribution of potable water for a large French harbour in the North of France, (ES)² prepares the scenario of a large scale crisis management exercice scheduled for next October. The scenario is built on a major pipe burst affecting the water supply to a sensitive industrial site.

April 2015 : Risk assessment on a large waste water treatment station

(ES)² has been mandated to assess external risks which could have a serious impact on a large waste water treatment facility. Risk analysis is focusing on flood risk management, the consequences of a power black out, as well as on malicious acts which could have a serious impact on the plant’s business continuity.

March 2015 : Technical development of a crisis management tool in Gabon

Following a training session on emergency preparedness in Gabon, (ES)² has been mandated to develop a crisis response electronic tool, which aims at collecting and organizing sensitive information during a major technical incident.

February 2015: Benchmarking in Switzerland and Slovakia

In order to perform a strategic study for a large water utility in the Paris area, (ES)² has analysed best practises existing on on-line pollution detection systems from Genova and Bratislava water supply companies.

January 2015 : Training in Gabon on crisis response

(ES)² is in charge of a training session for the company in charge of water and power supply in Gabon. The training is focused on emergency preparedness and on crisis reponse based on best practices coming from various utilities. At this occasion, (ES)² consultants have also performed a pre-crisis assessment.

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