For cities and critical infrastructure operators (ES)² provides :

Our services

  • Civil contingency planning and assessments.
  • Electricity and water supply emergency planning.
  • Crisis management team planning and operation center design.
  • Emergency response team training and provision with specific equipment (mobile water units, water baggers, pillow tankers, bowsers, generator sets …).
  • Critical infrastructure vulnerability assessments.

Principal cases :

  • Crisis response planning for weather events (flash flood, storms) and asset protection for large companies.
  • Provision of emergency response consultancy services for a utilities company in Morocco.
  • Strategic flood risk planning for a utilities supplier in a major Moroccan urban area.
  • Reorganisation of central crisis team for a water provider in Morocco.
  • Risk assessment and emergency planning for a major dam, which is critical for water distribution in Lebanon.


For leading industrial concerns, (ES)² provides :

  • Review of emergency power back up plans for data, logistical production centres.
  • Review of business continuity plans for event management (conferences, sports, spectacles etc.).
  • Crisis response planning for weather events (flash flood, storms) and asset protection for large companies and sensitive buildings.
  • Risk assessments, business continuity planning and specific recommendations for high rise buildings in the event of safety and security failures.


Assistance in times of crisis

Where clients are faced by a major crisis threatening business continuity and infrastructure, we deploy engineers and technical experts to help the client mount an immediate response to mitigate the situation.

This includes :

• Provision of emergency equipment (generators, mobile water purification stations, pumping systems, temporary accommodation, etc.).

• Rapid deployment of transport - air charters etc..

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